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Upcoming Events:

May, 2019:
Vertical Zonation– A Look at how Natural and Human History Change from the Valley Floor to the Top of Mt. Baldy

Join us for a mutli-stop trip from Padua Park in Claremont, California — the ski lifts at the top of Mt. San Antonio, better known as Mt. Baldy. We will examine the different habitats, environmental conditions, animal life, and human history as we rise from the valley floor to the top of the San Gabriel Mountains’ highest peak, at 10,069 feet. Wear layers, as the temperature can change dramatically as we rise in elevation. Bring lunch, water, sunscreen, a camera, and a full tank of gas. Prepare to walk up to a mile at each stop.

Next Tour: Tentatively May 5th, 2019

Past Events:

Fossil Hunting in Silverado Canyon

Trip Leader: Carly Creley

First Offered: February 24th, 2019
On February 24th, Pat Smolenski led us on a trip to Silverado Canyon where he showed us how to find ammonite fossils from the Cretaceous era of California History, 145 to 66 million years ago. The writers in the Writing Earth class, taught by John Brantingham, used their immersion in geologic time to write about the evolution they have seen in their own lives.

Writing Earth

In Writing Earth, John Brantingham will teach you how to write about the natural world both in the classroom and in the field. This eight-week course will include four field trips into the natural spaces in and around the Inland Empire and Pomona Valley. In the other four classes, we will develop our work and revise it at the dA Center for the Arts focusing on developing the vignette, flash fiction, the prose poem, and the lyrical essay. Various local historians and scientists will also help us to understand this world we occupy. Student will also be invited to show their work at the dA. Those who wish to have their relevant writing, photography, and art shown at the dA will be included in California Imagism, the April show the California Imagist Project is curating.

Sundays from January 20 – March 10 at 11am.

January 20
Meeting and greeting. An overview of four modes of writing: prose poem,
fiction vignette, flash fiction story, and lyrical essay. Writing from direct experience and
writing what you see rather than what you expect. Writing the prose poem
and getting your notebook ready.

January 27
Vertical Zonation Field Trip with Carly Creley in Mount Baldy

February 3
Writing the present, the past, and the future. Where have we been, and where are we going?
What do we mean when we say history?
Alternative approaches to writing fiction and the flash fiction story.

February 10
Fossil Field Trip to the Desert

February 17
Seeing the earth vertically rather than horizontally and the layers of the forest.
The fiction and nonfiction vignette. A meditation on fire. Using writing to achieve
a state of mindfulness.

February 24
Fire field trip with Kendall Johnson.

March 3
Writing big and writing small. The lyrical essay. How to see beyond the
middle view of the world and incorporate that into our writing.

March 10
Instructors: John Brantingham, Carly Creley, Ken Losh-Johnson, Pat Smolenski,